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Someone who is in the same clan as you are, e.g. in an online role-playing game.
My clannies and I did an awesome raid last night.

I babysit a clannie's account because they are on holiday right now.
by Role Player May 29, 2009
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Any one of a number of people, who follow one or more bands around for the soul purpose of 'socializing' at the band's shows, rather than actually listening and appreciating the music being played. The 'socializing' however, is negative: gossiping, slandering, causing drama, starting rumors, crying, fighting, looking to get laid, STALK, looking to break up with someone or cause a break up, bitching, pissing, moaning, or being a general PAIN IN THE ASS to anyone who is there, trying to hear the GOD DAMN MUSIC! See idiot, asshat, hag, bitch, asshole, groupie, obsessed, stalker, alcoholic, and mentally ill.
The whole night will suck because all the clannies will be there.
by yougot0wn3d November 5, 2004
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Generally considered to be a member of part of a gaming community. These people join with a group of friends and such, that are in an existing clan. They would tag their names as to represent their clan and even take part in matches alongside their clan mates for the prestige of being the best at what they do, not just for themselves, but for that of the clan.

The word clanny has been around for years, and it's typically obvious how it came to be.
How a Clanny name might look when tagged.

Player Name:

Joins, Clan Name:
We'll Own You

Inherits, Clan Tag:

New Player Name:
-WOY- Gamer2010
by Damitar March 25, 2010
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"Clanny man" often referred to as a man who is a clanny . Some say he may clash your clans, or clan the clans himself. The clanny man is a clasher, and if one is in need, may send his clans for your clanny
The clanny man can
by ClannymanClasher01 October 15, 2017
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