A 6'1 Sigma GOD of a person, popular on the hit mobile game AFK Arena.

Recognized by his classic Patrick Bateman profile pictures (Literally him) and Greek god physique, along with his many goth ehoes. Just a total alpha across the board TBH.
New Player: Hey lol
*Goth Ehoe*: I'd suck the soul out of you New Player
by New Player December 22, 2022
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Theater type who thinks they're better then everyone else. Loves suade boots, scarfs and dressing hipster. Acting snobby is a must. A cult.
Kid A-"Wow that girl's really hot"
Kid B-"Dude, she's in new players."
Kid A-"Ooooh, that sucks."
by Newplayer123 January 3, 2009
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