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A community-created game mode for the popular Half-Life 2 modification, Garry's Mod.

Users can play as various jobs, including Gun Dealer, Medic, Police, Gang Members, and others set by the server operators.

Players should follow the rule set outlined by the server operators and admins, normally located on the "MOTD" that opens when you join a server. The most common rules to follow are RDM and New Life Rule.
I was playing some DarkRP the other day, and some guy bought 20k worth of shipments from me.
by Garry's Mod Player January 25, 2013
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-a form of Roleplay that can involve combat or not, but plays on the mind rather than just the character such as torture, kidnapping, rape, cannabalism, mutilation, murder, stalking, etc.

-Such RP generally causes your character to have much more mental involvement in the action that is occuring to them. From mental breakdowns, creation of new phobias, to new ideas such as pleasure from pain, this style of RP brings more realism and thrill to the RP than just typical combative/hostile RP.
Example of a Dark RP that was done in CCS:

Luci is tortured for hours by The Damned, hung on hooks, a knife in her back, and left for dead hanging there. The whole time The Damned is doing so, he is taunting her, telling her how everyone left her to die and that no one was coming back for her, how her bravery was for not.

Luci is saved, barely, and after she is healed, people start to notice she keeps getting new injuries. Later they discover that she started to cause them to herself. Pain had become pleasure, it had become the only way she could feel something.
by Shells2882 January 08, 2012
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