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A Clamster is usually someone who uses an old flip phone. They tend to work as a shoe sales woman and are really good at it. Most of them enjoy to overindulge in alcohol to the point where they believe they are back in the ocean. They tend to use their huge rack to get male attention and get discounts wherever they go. Clamsters tend to be very sweet, quick witted, and always up for a good time! Life would not be complete without a Clamster!
Oh shit! Here comes the Clamster we need more beer! πŸ¦€
Look at those huge knockers on that Clamster! Are they real?
by Dna75 March 10, 2017
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A combination of a Clam and a Hamster. Commonly found in moist areas near a river or pond
Look at that Clamster!
by ArtsyDude June 05, 2018
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