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1. A punknerd: a nerd who tries to start fights or trouble with others (often ends up paying for it later on)
2. A male who's owns and is into domesticated cats (especially more so, or instead of domesticated owning dogs) and thus considered campy; pussy
3. To befriend someone fat and ugly to make you feel better about yourself because you have no life and no one cool likes you
Just because your Arnold said he didn't like dogs doesn't make him a ckatz so don't put him up for adoption Martha.

When my dad bragged about being the one to bully all of the cool and popular kids back when he was in school, it just made him sound like a ckatz and I didn't look up to him at all for it.

Although she only hung out with me because she was a major ckatz, she grew to love despite the fact that I clothes because I thought it smelled good.
by Maurice Landers March 24, 2008
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1. One who, as a result of being a loner and a geek, is affected with certain undesirable personality traits; for example: a lack of social skills; qualities of a pain in the ass; spending 24/7 involved in boring activities that would otherwise make a normal person wish they were dead (such as seemingly spending 24/7 on the internet and seemingly never hanging out with friends); one considered insignificant in the real world and outside of their one-man inner circle (usually in their home) with no other form of human interaction but the internet
2. One who annoys others (often by following them around bellyaching to them about unimportant matters that no one cares about) because of an abnormal desire to get their own ass kicked
After Mark bragged about having done 20,000 actions on some internet website, no one hung out with him anymore because they rightly regarded him as a ckatz.

Being a ckatz, the only time Jane ever got up from off her ass and quit reading books to leave her house was to go to the grocery store.

Because I'd been such a ckatz all my life, the neighbors didn't even realize someone lived in my house and my parents forgot they had a child.

I knew I was a ckatz when I had an urge to hang out with some friends and realized my only friend was some other obnoxious dude over the internet.

Marla didn't show up for our date once she got wind of the fact that I was a ckatz.

by Rodney Davis March 20, 2008
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One having the appearance of a smelly, trashy, lazy, poverty-stricken bum. Shabby, dirty, or cheap in appearance
I always wondered why Corey Katz has looked like such an awful Ckatz in all his pictures, despite the fact that he had the equipment to enhance his photos.

Although Whoopi Goldberg is rich, you might consider he a Ckatz for the way she looks on The View.

Because he was such a Ckatz, Marvin was never hired for any of the jobs he applied for.
by Alez Satin April 07, 2008
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