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A nerd or geek who is obnoxious, stirs up trouble, or causes annoyance to others: A boringly studious, socially inept, and quirky individual who makes a pest of themselves; a ckatz

a dweeb that goes around talking smack is a punknerd who's likely to get his ass kicked
That punknerd, Evan, keeps telling everyone that they have to be as intelligent as him in order to defeat him in chess.

Ben is such a punknerd that he spent the rest of the year making fun of the whole school for having a dance once he realized that no one wanted to go with him to one.

My little bro is a punknerd that spends his time heckling all of the football players in their locker room when he's not spending his days reading books.

I don't mind hanging out with the nerds, except for Arthur; he's not just the typical nerd; he's a punknerd that's always unsuccessfully trying to make everyone laugh.

by Brendan Mayor March 23, 2008
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