n. Trucker-speak for a local city cop. Same as a local yokel. See bear, smokey bear, bear report, county mounty, evel knievel.
I saw five city kitties today, behind on their quotas and watching me like a hawk.
by fizzle April 15, 2004
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A person who loves city life but lives in the country. They often find themselves outside drinking large amounts of coffee throughout the day, prefer diet drinks drive "cityfied" trucks that they bring to the car wash at least twice a day. Can also be defined as smicks.
Hey look a city kitty is at the car wash in his Tundra, it's rare to see one out at this time of day and not curled up in a window seal looking outside.
by Atsright69 March 26, 2020
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>^..^< Kansas City Kitty; an Irish Catholic resident of Kansas City, female, with children who she will viciously defend to the death, poor, and probably once a resident of the West Bottoms under the rule of the big Boss Man and crooked Irish Catholic Gangster, leader of the Goats fighting the Rabbits, and known to mess with people from KKK presidents to Jazz musicians, and the Italian Mafia: Tom Pendergast (now has a KC bar named "Tom's Town" after him). The KCK was made famous by a WB cartoon called "We, the Animals Squeak!" Which is a Looney Tunes cartoon animated short starring Porky Pig. Released August 9, 1941, the cartoon is directed by Bob Clampett. The voices were performed by Mel Blanc, Sara Berner, Billy Bletcher and Michael Maltese. You can find her in her modern form under hashtags like #KansasCityKitty #KillaCityKitty #KillerCityKitty #KCModel etc. There is a store in Colorado named after her, but not a real KCK, because it's in Colorado, so just a trendy wanna be Denver Hippy sorta thing. There is some WWII nose art depicting her. She is the Woman of all Women! She may enjoy fighting, spiting, cussing, drinking, cat walking, and more! 🐈 Also used as a code word for Kansas City Kansas (KCK), though typically thought of as a Missourian.
The Kansas City Kitty is a woman you don't want to mess with, she will not take any crap!
by 18thAndCentral September 14, 2018
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A lovely promotional model who works hard to shine a positive light on her community. Experienced in all forms of media and advertising, she will handle any opportunity with finesse, tact, and class. Charity events are her specialty, and she is always eager and prepared to participate.

She maintains a positive, healthy and uplifting self image, she has notably high self-esteem, and she is always there for her fellow Kittie members.
"Here, Kittie Kittie Kittie!"

"The Dub City Kitties rock!"
by CROSS March 2, 2012
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