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A buffalo public school where all of us smart kids go and we don't give a shit! You may think that we are just smart kids who are asses, but in all reality we know how to partyyyy!!!!
"Oh those city honors kids must be dicks"
"Nah they're fun as hell!"
by Ieatlotsoffood April 20, 2017
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A buffalo public school full of smart kids who think they are not smart but still think they are better then everyone else dont realized how lucky they are and also think they are grown dont know what actually bad kids are like so they claim they are bad kids but if you actually disrespect a teacher they will have a very shocked expression on there faces so are great to the teachers no matter what they say the school mostly full nerds and punks and will anyone who they think are stronger or bigger than them push them around.Classes are usually advance then others will vape and drink in the bathrooms sometimes.You will need to take a test to get in.its is also a college preparatory school.
"That where all the smart kids go"
"You need to take a class to get in there"
"Isnt city honors a prepatory school"
by Zzzxx February 21, 2019
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