The worlds most powerful cleaning product, quite possibly the most effective household cleaner the world will EVER see. everyone's mum uses it, on the laundry, the dishes, and even on themselves, especially after intercourse with barry scott.
well, you have a filthy kitchen, what cleaner will you use?

*in unison*
by Tom Boyd March 25, 2008
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The ***CRAPPY*** spoof advert with the cheesy american format mainly aimed at students and dodgy name playing on sexual connatations - no doubt purely bought for comedy purposes only!
cillit bang will do the job so you do'nt have too!

get the cillit out, this kitchen needs a good seeing too!
by Jenny Barratt :-) January 6, 2005
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a man who smeers cillit bang on him then runs around with brown sauce and infects beans on toast
what the hell the cillit bang monster fuked up my beans on toast
by cillit bang monster September 10, 2005
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