An asshole person, often used instead of idiot in hindi
Rawat is such a chutiya, he gives head for money.
by Prince Shadow111 April 13, 2019
A word used by hindi speaking morons to remind eachother that they are all you know what ...
All Hindi speaking ppl in India are chutiya
by Legogl August 12, 2008
Akshay Kumar is the Chutiya of bollywood
Chutiya of bollywood Akshay Kumar has acquired Canadian citizenship for real estate business.

He is asking Indian Government to take 1% tax from each citizen for army welfare but want his movie to be tax free! A perfect Chutiya of bollywood
Many producers, distributors committed suicide all because of akshay kumar's 80 flops hence he's the eternal chutiya of bollywood
by Rajiv Bhatia October 4, 2018
This is the scientific name of a creature that forms a parasitic relationship with female humans. It causes trauma to the female because of its intense insecurities. The characteristic trait of this organism is toxic masculinity and being a raging hypocrite and blames its own faults on the female because it doesn't have the balls to admit its own flaws, come to terms with it and then work on it. For eg. it will slut-shame the female while cheating on its own partner. Common names include Kritik, Kchutiya. Very difficult to get rid of but once done, survivors have often said "life feels like the feeling you'd get if you were around Harry Styles all the time".
"Hey did you get rid of Hirudinea Chutiyae that was in your system?"
"YES! MY LIFE COULD NOT BE BETTER!!! Kritik didn't deserve a single second of my time. The toxic mannerless asshole"
by FeministCheeseCube September 4, 2020
The one who is more chutiya than the average chutiya.
Ek kaam ko bees baar bata diya, ekkiss baar puchta hai bakchonar saala chaman chutiya
by TMC420 November 13, 2021