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1. to proceed from one church to another, attending mass after mass, religious services, and/or basement show(s);
similar to clubbing, but of the religious variety;
also churching;

2. like bitchin' but of more popish appeal;
1. We should totally go churchin' tonight: mass at 5 at St. Paul's, Confession before that at St. Leonard's, and later mewithoutYou at St. Peter's Basilica.

2. Did you see Father's moves; he's churchin'!
by xMarcox March 25, 2008
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monica takes her bong out and begins to take deep tokes in front of her new friend who does not in fact smoke. He gives her a look as though to say, i cant believe you do that. "you churchin me?" she says.
by po February 09, 2005
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Churchin' is the process of flirting with multiple girls at the same time. Often occurs in the context of a church retreat or mission trip. Similar to Cakin' it, but with multiple parters.
(Michael walks in surrounded by a group of three girls.)

"Daaaamn Michael, stop churchin'!"
by Vitullo November 23, 2008
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To tell someone you'll hangout or be somewhere soon, but never show up on time if at all. Always uses bullshit ass excuses.
"Hey is michael coming over."
"Naw, he's churchin us."
by zykrin August 13, 2014
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To attend a church service to say you went, but not to learn anything or get involved just to be able to say that you go to church. Also to attend church to remove guilt of what you did that week and do the same the next week...wash repeat.

Example :A
Bill: " Hey would you like to learn about what Jesus did for you so you could go to heaven?
Tom: No thanks brotha, i go to church already, i don't need to know that .

Example B:
Bill: "Church is a good place to go for help on getting clean from alcohol and drug addiction".
Tom: "I already know that, after i get trashed on Friday's and Saturday's i go to church and ask God to clean me up on Sunday's.
by Fosheezzy January 27, 2018
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