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Malayalam word for "butt" or "ass". Can be used in conjunction with worduppy/word. Be warned that sentences constructed as such will not make sense, but will sound hilarious. For example, "You are an uppy chundi" or "Shut up, chundi uppy!".
Dude, her chundi is SOO HUGE.

You are a smelly chundi.
by Superxam August 11, 2003
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comes from "chunder". means to vomit from drinking too much. could also be a noun referring to the vomit itself
girl: i drank too much i'm gonna chundi

guy: ew look at that pile of chundi
by oakbayhigh2011 December 31, 2009
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The state of complete intoxication.

A word defining a person who has had too much alcohol.
Oh man i got so chundi last night.

Gurl, you were so chundi last night.
by gurl@rev January 15, 2011
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