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1. A bucket that is filled with vomit, usually found in a weird place after a party.

2. A male who chunders way too often when he parties, generally after consuming the same amount of alcohol as a 110 pound girl.
1. Guy1: This morning after my party I found a chunder bucket under my parent's bed.
Guy2: Sorry bout that.

2. Guy1: Dude Doug puked last night after 2 beers.
Guy2: Thats three weeks in a row... what a fucking chunder bucket.
by doubledew June 15, 2010
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The bucket used to catch chunder (vomit)
Usually found beside the head of a severely drunk or hung-over person.
H- Did you put the chunder bucket next to Chop? He's had a gutful of goon and he'll need it.

C- I did, but alas, I was too late!
by pixie-anne October 21, 2007
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Originally, from seasick sailors, who shout "watch under" as a warning to lower decks, when puking out a porthole. Later, Brits could party hard, hurl into a bucket, and party some more.....Chunder Buckets.....
Please, pass the chunder bucket and more ale!
by Chunder Bucket July 01, 2016
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