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1) Short for "Pachuco". Mexican Culture started in El Paso, Texas.
2) A Nickname for El Paso, Texas.
Let's go to chuco and do nothing because there's nothing to do there.
by LC Rogers November 23, 2006
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Chuco is mainly a noun but it can be a verb, adjective, pronoun, proverb. It can be used in a sentence that is pathos, ethos, or logos.
"Hey Chuco! Let's go to the bar and drink a few chucos and then smoke a chuco outside." It can also be used as a greeting. For example, if you walk into a party then everyone will be like, "CHUCO!"
by Spun211 May 17, 2010
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short or slang for patchuco i think thats how its spelled.anyway its like a old time street gang kid but all mexicans.they would wear khaki pants and a white t shirt with a button up over it some times with the top button done only. like lou d. phillips on stand and dlver
pinches chucos me valen madre.
you frikin chucos aint worth a sheet
..those are just examples i like chucos
by rey man April 20, 2006
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