Chuchu is directly taken from the word 'chutiya'. Chuchu is a very sweet word, and you can use it all the time, to say that a person is stupid as well as when you think that person is cute. This arose in Indian Institute of Technology in Bombay.
Aditya tu toh chuchu hai.
by giridhaaripooky January 10, 2010
This word may also refer to Pikachu, a Pokemon.
Chuchu and chewing gum can be used interchangeably.
Nishant tu bhi ek dum chuchu hai.
by Pookymaximus January 11, 2010
Fat, cuddly, squeezie, the fat on the stomach of a cute lap dog.

Can only be used with relating to a dog.
Chuchu has chuchu.


Chuchu is so chuchu and cuddly.
by ZangetsuOssan November 22, 2009
Chuchus are green, red, blue, yellow, purple, or golden jelly-like creatures found in The Legend of Zelda Series from Nintendo. Killing Chuchus will usually drop their jelly which can be used as potions. Games I have played that they are in are Wind Waker or Twilight Princess.
What I IMAGINE Chuchu Potions may give you...

Green: Magic/Nothing.

Red: All Life energy/8 hearts.

Blue: Life energy and magic/All Life Energy.
Yellow: Lantern Oil.

Purple: Random.

Golden: Grants all life energy AND gives strength boost until a while has passed or you take damage.

Black: Lose 1 heart.
by Link the Hylian Hero January 11, 2014
Chuchu means little dicks. Actually only childs have Chuchus and Leri have it too.
-Oh, he have too small . Maybe it’s chuchu
by Mxsb January 21, 2019
A slang used to describe someone who is seduced by their girlfriends.
Dude 1: Yo dawg, why you no pickup your phone?
Dude 2: Sorry homie, I was too busy being Chuchued to think of anything else.
by Nokki October 17, 2013