Although some believe otherwise, it's possible for rap to be Christian and still actually be rap. Rap is a STYLE of music, not a certain lyrical pattern. Rap is a sound, not a lyrical theme. Therefore, Christian rap is made possible.
The Cross Movement, Toby Mac, KJ-52, Da Truth, The Ambassador, Ill Harmonics, Mars Ill, Verbs, and T-Bone are examples of Christian rappers.
by RockOn! September 03, 2005
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Christian Rap can be used as a tool to express the message of Salvation through Jesus Christ to a person that would not reguraly be able to be reach with traditional preaching methods.

It gives a voice to ppl that didnt have a voice before in the urban culture.
There are many different styles of rap and hip hop. West Coast, East, Dirty South, Up North, Mid West, Memphis Tenn. Crunk All different Styles. Secular Rap doesnt own a culture or style. Many regular ppl get saved does it mean they lose their accent. Do they stop liking a style of music? I listened to secular rap all my life mostly including 3 6 mafia. After a life altering experience I now would condemn that music and would promote music with christian meanings. You might say this is lame. Checkout the music I listen to then. Google these artist. Loc Saint, Harmony Hisee, K Drama, Tha Crunkaholics, K-Lee, LeCrae, Mistagetitcrunk, A.G.E., Praverb tha Wyse, Governor, and many many more. I guess the real deal is once a person matures and relizes God is real and gives his life to Christ only christian rap will do, secular rap is all about living a fake fantasy, promoting lust, greed and things that will never satisfy a thirsty soul. jesus loves you believe this.
by B-Zay January 02, 2008
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Yet another funny oxymoron. Christian rap really doesn't exist, it's like metal without the sex, drugs and parties. Christian rap will never express some of the core ideals and dilemmas that almost all rap artists express. I'm sorry, but a rap or hip-hop song about Mountain Dew, which is a great drink, is not a rap song. It's like a football player dressed as a ballerina for the Super Bowl, it just isn't right.
Listening to 2Pac can help you understand what real rap is about.
by CypressLB February 23, 2005
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biggest joke in the world. little bitches who aren't allowed to listen to real rap because of their politically correct butthole parents think it is all about hitting your "bitch" would only listen to someone rapping about their love for god.
douche bags: alright!! KJ-52 rules dogg!!

normal people: shut the fuck up and listen to some real rap like andre nickatina, 2pac or dr. dre
by Listen2BayAreaUnderground July 08, 2005
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grindcore/surf/christian rap is montage of empty metal shit, the sound of the waves and the virtuous morals of The Shephard. A beautiful representation of god's ability to rhyme. After all, what is rap without God?
nomeSTAR is a wonderful example of the afore mentioned fusion.
by jimbimallybimbim July 09, 2005
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