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champion, appeared in movies such as rush hour 1 and 2.. the dance he does in rush hour 1 after he shoots the boot full of explosives is pure genius!
yo, im gonna need one of those ear peice things immediatly
by ian March 31, 2005
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One of the four black comedians of the Apocalypse,along with Chris Rock,Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence. They will bring an end to the world by causing people to laugh in incredible amounts. Can be seen in movies Rush Hour 1,2 , Fifth Element , Friday , and so on.
"Rush Hour"

Chris Tucker :"Do you understand the words that are coming out of my mouth?!"
J.Chan:"Ofcourse i don't!"
by Vladimir Vojvodic March 06, 2006
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When a man pulls his scrotum and testicles between his legs so they are facing his back side, located right below the anus, and a man or woman kicks him in his testicles as hard as possible.
My girlfriend was angry with me for not texting her back, so she made me bend over and gave me a good Chris Tucker.
by Riodo May 30, 2013
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