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Thick heavy chunky snow typical of New England.
Man, we're out east slogging through chowder-powder when we could have been in Colorado floating on angel dust.
by TwhatT February 10, 2008
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The dusty substance that collects at the base of the penis and frequently on and around the testicles after a lengthy bout of sexual interaction.

Has been known to cause the divorces, and eventual child support payments of men who are unaware of its existence.
Pearl: Hank, why the shit-eating grin?

Hank: I woke up this mornin' and thought my bush had lice, turns out it was just last night's chowder powder.


Eunice: Are you OK?

Ethel: No, had to kick Bill out last week after he came home at 4am with a collar full of lipstick and a crotch full of chowder-powder.
by K-Swerve December 30, 2009
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Cocaine containing amitriptyline, a purple nerve pain and antidepressant medication. It gets the name (Chowder Powder) due to the Cartoon Network show Chowder which has a purple main character. This type of cocaine is purple due to the added amitriptyline. (Hence the name.) Chowder Powder has been popularized in the Midwest, namely Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana but has been seen on the East Coast.
How much did the chowder powder go for?
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by Dr.Northridge William June 24, 2017
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