to have a conversation with
Me and my homegirl were choppin it up last night.
by illusive April 10, 2003
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basically, "choppin' it up" means just shooting the breeze with friends, i.e. conversing and just talking about whatever comes to mind. Chopping it up can refer to analyzing a situation, such as breaking it down and explaining it.

Choppin' it up is usually experienced best while having a cold beer in hand. You can chop it up anywhere, in the car, on a plane, in the restroom, or even via text messaging.

"I called my boy and we chopped it up for awhile about last night"

"We didn't have a lot of work to do today, so we just sat around choppin' it up"

person 1: "So, what do you think about leaving Thursday night instead of Friday morning?"

person 2: "It's definitely on the table, but we might have to chop it up first."

by B.Laing July 25, 2008
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When two people are beginning to flirt and crush on each other. They enter the 'talking' phase, which is when they're getting to know each other. The talking phase is similar to choppin it up. Basically it's the beginning of a possible relationship, or just two people who like each other and are becoming closer.
Lynn: Omg, the guy I met yesterday keeps flirting with me. You know Rafael? Yeah he wants to hang out.

Patricia: Oooooh Lynn you and Rafael choppin it up huh?
by SWAAAAG May 1, 2011
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Getting right with someone, step by step tryna get that mean mouf, when u talkin real good and u know u finna get all the goods
by MAN MAN DAT NIGGA August 13, 2019
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The act of getting an attractive person's number or doing something like making out, holding hands, etc. etc. with a person
Example 1:
P1: Damn did you see that?
P2: Hell yeaah!
P1: I'm going to go say hi.
-few minutes later-
P2: What happened?
P1: I got her number!
P2: Dammmn ! Chop Chop Choppin' it up!

Example 2:
P1 is with his girlfriend, making out, holding hands and such.
P2: Hey man where were you?
P1: I just finished Choppin' it up with my girl mannnn
by bboyjimmyjam July 13, 2011
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