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1. To bail out of something at the last minute

2. To break a contract or lie about a previously made agreement, verbal or written

4. To choose your girlfriend over hanging out with your buddies
He didn't show up again! That's 2 weeks in a row he's pulled a cholly!

Charlie: Hey uhh I'll met you up at 7 pm at the St. Johns cool?

You: yeah sure NP

you: ....

you: .....

you: texting... Dude where the hell are you!?

Charlie: Oh uhh yeah i cant make it. Me and my girl are going shopping.

you: Damn cholly... you flaking asshole
by Madame Dick Hertz April 19, 2011
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The Sphincter Licker. One who licks the sphincter for pleasureable purposes. It can also be used as an insult to someone you dislike. I mean, who wants to be called a Sphincter licker? A term made up byy two pretty awesome girls looking for a new insult.
"Ugh, Jack is such a smelly disgusting cholly."
by MissCholly January 18, 2010
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