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The moment of sheer bliss and happiness that occurs when one is eating a Chipotle burrito. The main feature that separates Chipotle from Qdoba.
Oh God! Oh God! This burrito is so good! I think I'm having a Chipotlegasm!
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1.The feeling experienced by the orderer of a Chipotle buritto when the orderer watches the people at Chipotle Mexican Grill assemble his/her burrito.

2. The feeling experience felt when taking the first few bites of a Chipotle buritto.
" Dude when they were rolling my burtito, I had such a big chipotlegasm that people started giving me funny looks."

"I had a huge chipotlegasm when the hot explosion of beef, guac, rice, salsa, and love from my Chipotle burrito entered my mouth."
by The Miles Finch December 26, 2009
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