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a girl/woman who gets a guy to buy/give her chips to play table games at the casino. As often as not, she skips out on him when he goes to the bathroom
That gorgeous Asian gal with the dyed blonde hair was a chip whore who was with a 500 lb. ugly guy. As soon as he went to the bathroom, she made a beeline out the front door.
by andy1 March 21, 2007
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one who not only asks to open your party-sized bag of chips, but then consumes it in an aggressive yet simultaneously careless fashion, leaving small dunes of surprisingly sharp chip shards scattered aimlessly around the room.
Friend - "Hey bro, can I open this bag of Jalapeno tostitos?"
Me - "Yeah bro, no problem"
Friend - *Leaves room*
Me - *Takes socks off, tries to walk around the room"
Me - (randomly every 3-8 steps) "OUCH, (insert friends name) is a god damn chip whore!!!"
by LyricallyGiftedDegenerate April 04, 2017
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When you offer sombody chips and the reach there hand in and take all of the chips
Chris: hey can I have some chips

Sam: sure bro

Chris: (crinkle) ( runs away with entire chip bag)

Sam: Chris you Chip Whore!!
by LawfulTub February 02, 2011
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