Chingado is a spanish term for "fucker", from the base verb, chingar.
"Hey chingado, watch it!"
"Uh, yea you too, chingado."
by J-Stizzy December 13, 2005
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"Comes chingado"
"Eat shit"

"Soy chingadandos"
"I'm shitting"
by Tommy F. September 3, 2005
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Curse word when a bad and an unexpected event occurs.

Pissed off comment for pointing out stupidity, carelessness or any other form of dumb action.
Chingado... Ahora que te paso?
God-damn what happened to you now?

Chingado!!! Te robaron tu lana? Simon... Pinches Cabrones!!
Did they steal your money? Yeah... Fucking shit!!! Motherfuckers!!

Chingado, hasta que pinches horas?
What the fuck? Is it time yet?
by WaveBreaker April 11, 2011
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Chingado is a spanish term that can be used as an adjective loosely translated into "shitting" or "fucking" when used with a noun.
The "chingado" wiper motor quit in the middle of the thunderstorm.
by Jeroldc November 1, 2010
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Chingados! Olvidé mis llaves.

Oh shit! I forgot my keys.
by Mabeco January 27, 2012
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Spanish slang. Equivalent to the english "What the fuck?"

In some cases it is slurred to sound like: "Como chingaos no?"
Ey puto como chingados? Dámelo.
Hey pussy what the fuck? Gimme it.

Como chingaos no?
What the fuck?

by gabyy June 11, 2008
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