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Sometimes valued at over $1 Billion dollars, a magic chinese buffet is one of the most mysterious sights one can behold, as well as the most intriguing to experience. Legend says that the power of this delicious rarity cannot be understood by the majority of mankind. Only a few may ever be tempted with the mystical being who supposedly offers a chosen one the chance to pick a check for one billion dollars, or to be subjected to the majestic, magic chinese buffet. many choose the unbelievable wealth offered, however, only the truly fortuitous and kind at heart will have the opportunity to experience magic in the world over an extrinsic reinforcer such as simple cash.
Magic Chinese Buffet master: Good sir, I now offer you the choice to choose $1 Billion dollars to be all yours, tax-free of course, or the option to experience the only bit of magic you will ever be subjected to in your feeble lifetime.
Steve: There's no doubt in my mind, I want to experience magic, to know that said mystical happenings exist in this world, and of course, to indulge in what is, the Magic Chinese Buffet.
by Steveshiftyshaft January 17, 2011
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