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To have a conversation, or to talk to another person.
Me and Hugh Laurie were behind the scenes on the Ellen DeGeneres Show having a good old chin wag as us Brits like to do.
by jazzamk March 28, 2011
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Commonly used in text messages or social media as a short form for Very Sound Advice.
Mate 1: Hey, I'd be careful risking all that money on one bet. Only risk what you can afford to lose.
Mate 2: Thanks. VSA
by Sexucator February 08, 2021
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Also chinwag. A conversation, the term comes from one's chin appearing to wag during conversation. Most commonly used in Eire or the UK.
Next week we'll be having a chin-wag with the delivery company. There are delivering too slowly.
by Gumba Gumba April 14, 2004
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/british/ a long and pleasant conversation between friends
We had a good chinwag over a bottle of wine
by suspected94 December 30, 2011
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Old-fashioned British term for having a chat with someone.
Example: Daphne: "I bumped into Joan the other day and I couldn't get away." Brenda: "Yes Joan does enjoy a chinwag - she could talk for England."
by pauly coconuts February 16, 2019
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