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To deficate a watery discharge on a females breasts and have sex with them

Did you see that porn last night...that sicko was chilli doggin in it.
by Beefcake The Mighty May 14, 2008
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The act of having aggressive anal while the receiver is having the chilli shits (or any form of loose stool movement).
Man, I was chillidoggin' Maggie so hard today that I had to burn the sheets after!
by Pharoahdan June 22, 2016
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The act of a man thrusting his erect penis into another persons butt crack while that person is shitting.
Guy 1: “Maria has diarrhea, so no sex tonight”
Guy 2: “no problem dude just chili dog her”
Guy 1: “Fuck yeah! I love chilli doggin
by RC 2233224 May 18, 2018
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