A non-existent word invented by pedophile activists as part of their ongoing effort to legitimize and legalize the sexual exploitation of children.
We don't like to be called Pedophiles please call us childlovers as we love children very much.
by Johnny Mnemonic August 16, 2006
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An individual who is sexually and romantically attracted to prepubescent children (boys, girls, or less frequently, boys.) This word is used by paedosexualss to distinguish themselves from people who molest children. See also: boylover, girllover
"Childlover" is a word because of the nature of language.
by Aazss December 3, 2006
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A morally-neutral term to describe a romantic, emotional, and/or sexual attraction to children by adults. It has a similar meaning to pedophilia, but is intended not to share the clinical, psychiatric meaning or stigma of the word pedophilia.
There have been childlovers in all parts of history.
by Seth M. January 14, 2007
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