synonym for POTUS made by Dubya
The Consoler-in-Chief visited the kids at the military zone.
by Coop Dupe May 31, 2018
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A bunch of dumbdumbs, with dumbdumb ideologies, dumbdumb meanings, and dumbdumb personalities. If the plane craches, its their fault
by ngjerseth November 4, 2020
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term for the president of the US derived from George Walker Bush
The Decider-in-Chief wanted to start another war.
by Coop Dupe May 31, 2018
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An Officer serving the Law under Fire Prevention. Not a Cop or a Police person
The definition should suffice as to the understanding of what a Deputy Chief means, Unless you cannot comprehend because your real young or just a moron
by Rock'n Rhonda November 14, 2016
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The latest notorious title conferred on Donald J. Trump for the deadly insurrection at the US Capitol, when his diehard supporters-turned-terrorists stormed the building, and threatened to kill the Vice President and endanger the lives of lawmakers.
Liar-in-Chief, Pinocchio-in-Chief, Divider-in-Chief, Faker-in-Chief, …, Pharisee-in-Chief, Hoaxer-in-Chief, Conspiracist-in-Chief, White Terrorist-in-Chief, it’s hard to imagine another rogue or fake leader collecting so many ignoble titles while in office, except perhaps for Kim Jong Un who has been honored with dozens of laughably flattery titles.
by MathPlus January 25, 2021
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Alternative title for President Trump, one of the greatest propounders of stupid bullshit the world's ever seen.

Nobody trumpets stupid, stupid bullshit like him. Believe it, nobody. It's unpresidented. Sad!
A: So, our president just tweeted again...
B: What's the Trumpet-in-chief come out with this time, or do I not want to know?

A: Would you look at that, our Trumpet-in-chief just managed to say something self-contradictory AND hypocritical, and in the space of only two sentences! Impressive even by his standards!
B: Damn man, give a guy a break already! Being informed about a topic like immigration, and able to talk about it without sounding like a blathering, inconsistent idiot can't be easy you know- he's only the president after all!
by Charlemagne1993 September 14, 2017
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