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Usually Nigerian, Chidumebi is an amazing, loyal, kinda sexy boy. Chidumebi is athletic, smart, and fun to be around. Chidumebi can be a bit insecure at times but he usually keeps this to himself. Chidumebi falls in love easily and can be kind of awkward at first but will open up to you over time. Chidumebi can be pretty lit. Nicknames: Choody, Chiid,
"Damn, is that a new shirt?, you lookin' Choody!"

"He's not really ugly, but he isn't Chidumebi either..."
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by Urban_human March 15, 2017
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Chidumebi means god is with me

Chidumebi is a boy and girls name. Usually Chidumebi is very awkward and can sometimes be a bit silly but is very direct when giving information. Also Chidumebi is very smart and a lot of the time, a dog person. Not a cat person. Chidumebi is also lit and in the trends. Very Athletic, Coolish, Smart and very unexplainable.

Nicknames: Chid or Chidi or Dumsbi.

Very lit nicknames
Chidumebi is one of a kind
"Hey! You are acting very Chidumebi today!"


"Yo! Don't be so Chidumebi like him/her..."
by Chichi1w3 December 03, 2017
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