1) n. Your fucking kidding me.
2) n. WTF 'what the fuck'
2) n. A state of confusion or dismay.
* Used only by itself in a sentence.
Dumbass 1) I stuck my hand in the Toaster.
Tom 2) ChickenFuck!?

Girl 1) I think I'm pregnant.
Guy 2) ChickenFuck!?
by Whodya Think September 26, 2007
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When one who is partaking in sexual intecouse begins to think what they are doing is wrong or inviolation of their moral fiber cries, walks out, runs away, etc., or any combination of such actions.

A chickenfucker is the individual who is afraid of what they and their partner are doing.
That chickenfucker ran away crying after he spent two months trying to get her bend over for him.
by Reils August 13, 2006
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lighting a cigarette or joint with one that has already been lit instead of actually using fire.
got a light?
here get a chicken fuck off of mine, but just don't knock my cherry off.
by dickydoolap May 05, 2006
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To fuck a feathered bird in its rectum
Hey, Chicken Fucker! Get over here and suck my cock.

Shut the fuck up, chicken fucker.

you fuck chickens
by Frosty September 08, 2003
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An exclamation of approval. Often is used prior to the word "nice" or "noice"
#1 Dude I fucked that bitch last night!!
#2 DUDE!! Chikenfuck!!!
by I'mreotchbeotch April 20, 2003
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