pork rinds in filipino. Not to be confused with chicharones.
*crunch* *crunch* Penge pa nga n'yang chicharon!
by C107: Parasite Spark Falcon March 29, 2017
When you loose a bet the price you pay is a Chicharon. Typically sets you back 5 to 6 bucks, but that the price one pays for the benefit of feeding the group.
Yo AP....you didnt find that 4 week old Bonus sticker so you owe 2 chicharons. Yo Bet...you brought gargage beer so thats gonna cost you a chicharon. The Lunch bus leaves at 12:40. If you aint on it...its gonna be a chicharon!!
by LowABV April 29, 2021
a guy's tasty dick when he gets oral sex without having washed 'recently': his partner is having a 'salty sam' on account of the salty sweat and other residues that are ingested in the process of the fellatio
she just went for it before i could suggest a quick shower...I thought "hey, I guess she won't mind a salty Chicharon...whatthafuk, maybe she likes it that way!"
by Dr. Awesome PhD February 10, 2011
mexican slang fuck yeah, your right about something
Oye fuiste al juego a noche? A huevo chicharon con pelos, estuvo a toda maquina de coser.
by mrojasr September 9, 2010