a cheeseburger but a better way of saying it
let’s get a chezburger
by r2t17 June 1, 2020
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A chezburger is fir someone who doesn't give a flying fuck about proper grammar for a cheeseburger.It's a very good snack.
Cashier:"Hello sir what can I get you". Bill:"I want a fucking chezburger"! Cashier:"What the fuck are you on"?
by Xxx_TrollGrammar_xxX July 10, 2017
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ChezBurger is short for Cheese Burger, and it’s also a meme from Roblox and YouTube.
Dude: Hey! Whatcha eating?
Friend: A ChezBurger? Why?
Dude: That was my lunch...
by CRAZYCARROT November 20, 2020
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A person that was once young and people called him this name. He is now Chase...
Gabe: Is that Chezburger?
Boy 1: Nah that's chase...
by Ashvanthy Gashan April 25, 2022
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