Name for a virgin waitress who works in a bikini bar, aka whore house, in Thailand and the Philippines.

The cherry girls are the only girls in the place, besides mamasan, that you can not bar fine or barfine which is to take out for long time or short time.
Damn I wanted to barfine that new piece in the bikini bar but the mamasan told me No she is a cherry girl.
by Kilroy238 February 10, 2008
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Refers to a gay male who refers to himself as 'one of the girls' and knows more about lipgloss than his female friends/underlings.

They are characterized by a love of pink, a plastic sheen to their skin, their shrill and high pitched mating call and an attraction to their fellow cherry girls.
'Let's go girls!'
'Oh Marcel, you are silly!'
'Oh my God! I am SUCH a cherry girl!'
by FroguinFace November 30, 2009
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