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all purpose word, can mean anything good or bad. Verb noun adjective, or any other part of speech.
Your shirt is so chenga.
You look like really chenga today.
I chengaed your mom last night.
Let's go chenga.
Your face smells like a chenga.
What the CHENGA!!!
by Morgan Swank May 28, 2007
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like jenga, but with chairs!
chairs are stacked in a pyramid with a base of at least 9 chairs, chairs should be stacked up until there is one chair at the top. a volunteer or peer pressured individual then proceeds to climb the pyramid to sit on the top.
it is their job to balance as long as possible while players pull out chairs, one at a time, the player who knocks down the tower is the loser.

originally invented at ivybridge community college, england 2008.

link coming soon
*guy 1* did you see tom on the top of the chenga tower this morning ?

*guy 2* Yeah ! he got destroyed !
by Mckizzle and co. March 20, 2009
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Chenga or Chengas a ebonyhispanic word Refering to women or woman of African or hispanic american heritage that are bottom dwellers, ghetto girls or hoodrat's. Usually gangsta girl's who are dressed in hoodstyle with matching Jordan shoes, arched eyebrows,numerous tattoo's, kinky twist or straight hair with piercings above or below the lip or nose.
Ay I saw chenga sisters Alma and Tah'shana at Juan's party last night.

Don't fuck with the chengas.

by papichulo08 April 16, 2009
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