A term used in Jamaica, - to talk about someone (usually in a negative way) when they are not around.

One will usually susu PON something

AKA - talking behind someone's back
Mi nah let yuh susu pon dem so.
by Crunkturd February 17, 2012
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Susu is a common name in asia. Susu is very loud and has a sharp tounge. She has a stronge imagination and can come off as rude but is super sweet. She acts like she hates you even tho she really likes you, so stick around with her and make her feel happy. She is extremlly smart and probobly skipped
A grade.
I love you susu, but you hate me soo..
by FxllenCyan February 25, 2018
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A fake friend that you can never trust never count on because they'll fail you for their own fame. They are always acting like a bitch. If you see her run away and call the cops.
Oh god I see a susu, bring the oil we're having a barbeque. Today's cuisine a bitch.
by Mirna December 17, 2019
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a person who is good at everything and who everyone wants to be
stop being a Susue, you're making me look bad
by Elp swizzle September 21, 2014
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urine, pee (used commonly in India).
"I want to make susu really badly."

by gio8282 August 29, 2008
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"she has big susu"
by phuk yoo November 2, 2003
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(noun) urine, wee, pee-pee
Me: I wanna make susu! Now!
You: Go around the bushes
by sue February 8, 2005
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