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Contrary to urban legend, this is not the same as "cream cheese."
Cheese Cream was thought to be invented in 2014, but this fact has yet to be confirmed by Wikipedia.

Cheese Cream has been known to be a substance to provoke laughter many eye rolls.

Cheese cream may or may not be an aphrodisiac, so be prepared when you encounter it (trial results have been inconclusive).

Cheese Cream is thought to be a main export of Puerto Rico, but it has also been discovered in large quantities in the town of Kinston, North Carolina, but there have been other reports of cheese cream manufacturers in both Missouri and the great state of Nebraska.

Cheese cream is generally a white color, but if mixed with the juices of a strawberry it can turn pink.

This is a magical substance which often brings friends together, fosters lots of laughter and conversations about doges.

Not directly related to "Sugar Glaze." Can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
Wow. Look at the cheese cream, so majestic.

Long Live and Eat Cheese Cream.

Wow, did you see Deraj cheese cream him in that soda chugging contest?

We couldn't stop laughing; it was the cheese cream. The power of the cream is too strong.

She whispered "cheese cream," and then pandemonium erupted.

Such Cheese Cream, many wow, very delicious.

Oh my goodness, she is so cheese cream. I can't even.
by Cheese Cream Conniseur March 09, 2014
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