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1. Another name for someone who is increasingly beautiful.

2. Drop dead gorgeous.
Jacob: Hey, cheecho!
Giselle: :) Hey... thanks...
by Jicib January 10, 2009
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Those nasty underarm boobies that overweight women get from too-tight bra straps and their chub.
I got drunk and took this broad home last night and I woke up to her getting dressed and almost blew chunks when I saw those cheechos flopping out from her bra.
by ConductorChrist November 03, 2007
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a person (preferably a guy) who is obsessive, doesn't change clothes, wears suits all the time (preferably black to be like johnny cash) and likes everyone who has a vagina and will talk to him. Will do anything for attention, acts very emo, and is not capable of starting long term relationships because his definition of love is when one has something he likes.
Cheecho- "OMGSH! YOU HAVE KNEECAPS!!! Do me now!"
"Wow, you have gorgeous eyes! My place or yours?"

another ex.
-cheecho walks up in his black suit that he wore the previous days-
Cheecho-"Hey guys how do I look?"
People- "You look the same as you did yesterday"
by ilovethe80smang August 06, 2007
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