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A magical monkey said to grant wishes to children approaching death.
"I know I am going to die mother" said the little girl. "I see Cheebo."
by enigma April 19, 2003
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a cheebo is a mythical creature that lives on socks, it is said to appear every 40 years to gather a large supply of socks and find a mate before it crawls back into caves under the earths crust. cheebos are known to mate with 12 year old african american prostitutes. cheebos are able to morph same to fit in with different groups of people, in one case a cheebo was able to grow two feet taller than its original height in the space of a year. cheebos like to train them selfs in different types of fighting as they have not much body strenght. cheebos are parasites and should be exterminated with great care
"holy fuck that man is eating socks"
by plo5 July 18, 2009
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A cheebo is one of those words that you use to replace an insult like saying sugar instead of sh*zzle. This is the cream of the messed up insult world for those who have neither the time (or in some cases imagination) to string some words together to make a proper putdown.
Oi oi lissen to me yu cheebos!barry be comin
by EasyAs123 March 13, 2009
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Many definitions are said to exist for this word. I have come across two my time. I will now proceed to provide one definition of this word.
First of all it is apparently a derogatory word used in Nigeria to to describe women who sell sex at cheap prices. Cheebo in this case means

''Cheap Fanny''

See also on Urban Dictionary cheebo slut for more examples of how this strange word has infected every facet of our day to day conversation
''hey man, i was, like, on the beach yesterday and this bitch with the dirtiest Cheebo I've ever seen comes up to me and was like asking if i wanted, like, 'fellatio' and shit''.
by stoggafllaruoy July 22, 2009
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