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"Chaya" comes from a gypsi slang. In Germany explicit in Frankfurt/Main "Chaya" is another word for 'hot girl', bitch, etc... It is only used for women. Men are called "chab" or "chabo" instead, but this word can have different meanings, so search for the definition.
1. A: That girl over there is a hot chaya!!

2. A: That boy over there is a chabo
by Nio November 07, 2005
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Coined by Twitter user @karakittel.
Would the internet exist without DAOs? Sadly, I don’t think so.
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by monkeylabor June 13, 2021
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Chaya is meant to be a hot girl and thus often adopted by young girls referring to themselves.

Unfortunately it is an orthographic mistake, hence the word correctly spells Tschaia or Tschaie, which originates from a whole set of 'moving languages' (Read gypsiy slang et al) and means plainly a girl.

Hence those languages are mostly spoken languages, it is usually hard to define the correct orthography, yet the transformation into chaya might be related to spanish (that certain latin(a/o) touch) or just shows the typical social lower class educational level.
Diker ma die Tschaia (Chaya), die tscheft gar tschie tschuggern.

Translates roughly to:

Check out that chick/girl, she ain't nice at all.
by PartyTigger May 29, 2006
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chaya’s are girls who are amazing at heart. they’re hilarious and usually have dirty blonde hair. she loves her friends more than anything, and her family is very important to her. when you get to know her, she opens up to you and can easily tell you her whole life story while you sit there and listen, but afterwards she’ll ask you questions about yourself and make sure you’re doing okay as well. she makes the people she’s surrounded with happy, and she loves to do so.
you guys know chaya? wow, she’s an amazing friend. i love that woman.
by morgen rose February 19, 2019
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A dumbass bitch who genuinely cares deeply about friends and family, but will hardly ever expose the fact that she has emotions. Generally gives off don’t-give-a-fuck vibes, but she does; slightly. She can also make you laugh for hours, therefore you should be friends with her if possible.
Chaya is a dumb bitch, but I love her, and her sense of humor
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by Fakner February 11, 2020
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Chaya is a hyper creative girl.she is sometimes shy.she is a HOT girl
Oh look at Chaya
by Clara dori October 13, 2020
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A Chaya is a back stabber who will gain your trust and then destroy your self worth. You will always forgive them because you trust them.
Chaya is like a sister to me, A bad one but still a sister
by Iluvcandys78 October 15, 2018
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