A small, furry creature, which when provoked, can emit a shrill chweekish sound. Can often be found traveling in packs of up to two or three kilochawks, roaming central Florida in search of chawknip.
chawk: my woman told me of one lawsuit against Viagra once
chawk: er
chawk: my MOTHER
by Mop January 14, 2004
When you itch your balls so much that they start to bleed. Another phrase for this term is sharpening the pencil.
Person 1: I was beating my meat the other day and I when I finished I started chawking.
Person 2: Sir, I asked you what you would like to order.
by jordf May 21, 2022
something someone says to try and be cool, but they usually come off sounding like an idiot.
Hey bro! Let's have a summer chawks bash. Mad chill."
by George Washington IX April 30, 2011