"after we dropped acid last night i was a real chatty cathie"
by cathie August 26, 2003
Any woman (or man) who wont shut up. Sometimes it's interesting, sometimes it's not. Mostly not.
Lady: And then I woke up and put the blah blah .....
Me: *omg such a chatty cathy*
by seaswimmer August 16, 2016
Used as a Utah slang word for the typical LDS group daters that ruin where ever they go by bringing a horde of "Chatty Cathy's" along. Hence, Girls that can't seem to shut the F*** up and talk over meaningless shit non-stop.

Also being transposed into the gay scene of Utah as drama queen gays who can not help but not create rumors, embellish, or reveal any personable items with no remorse.
Damn, can you hear all those chatty cathy 's that just walked into the movie theater? I better get my stun gun to shut those bitches up.
by Amos Vanburren November 4, 2007
A reference to a Mattel doll developed by the Handlers (also the inventors of the "Barbie" line of dolls) and sold from 1959 through 1965. "Chatty Cathy" had a pull-string on her back; she randomly "said" one of eleven phrases when it was pulled.

In modern slang, a "Chatty Cathy" is an epithet used to describe a person who is talking incessantly (and annoying the people around them).
"The bus driver is a real Chatty Cathy. I'm trying to listen to a podcast, but he just keeps blabbing to another passenger."
by Spekkio July 31, 2022
A person who is always sending and receieving snapchats.
Alison is always on her phone sending snapchats.. She's a little snap-chatty Cathy.
by D-rek831 August 17, 2013