"Chattle" is actually spelled Chattel and comes from a Middle English word meaning "property." It is commonly used to refer to degraded or enslaved people; those seen as property. In some areas, it has a racist connotation. If you are going to be a bigot, at least learn how to spell your slurs.
In the early days of the United States, human beings were often traded like chattel (misspelled as chattle).
by Celestiallama February 20, 2008
A group of clemains. A group of black people. In the old south a group of slaves were known as chattle.

See Clemain
Damn Schu, I was walking home the other day when I felt like someone was behind me and it smelt like fried chicken, not to my suprise, when I tunred around I was confronted by chattle.
by Medgeweiner October 10, 2004