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A white, rich, preppy bitching girl who lives in Chatham, NJ. If they don't get what they want, they bitch and backstabb till they get it. Not every girl in Chatham is a "chatham girl" but whoever is should be shot, stabbed and burried in Mikail Batogs backyard.
Why is that Chatham girl taking a knife and stabbing her friend in the back with it?(clever clever)
by antiprep January 12, 2005
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Slutty, bitchy, and in need of a good smack in the face. Chatham girls rove in packs, consuming all people who may get in their way through whatever means possible. They can be found bitching at others, consuming raw flesh, wearing pink, blue, white, or black North Face jackets, sucking cock, and of course are easily recognized by the growths protruding from each side of their head, often know as iPod headphones, and the festering trail of herpes and cash they leave behind wherever they slither.

See Chatham.
Look, a Chatham Girl! Quick, get the camera!

No, her head is still partially visible out of her ass. She must be from Madison.
by Therapist February 04, 2005
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