attempting to reach the unreachable, in the old days a carrot was tied to a stick in front of a wagon's mule / stubborn horse to make them step forward and walk ahead . . . they were never able to reach the carrot.
Sometimes it seemed that becoming a track star was chasing the carrot for Bob the paraplegic.
by Razorslap October 29, 2003
When a girl continues to go after a guy even though he isn't interested.
When is that girl gonna finally give up chasing the carrot and realize he don't want her?
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
running after an orange root vegetable. or you could use a speed boat.
CARROT: you'll never catch me!!!
RANDOM PERSON CHASING CARROT: (runs up behind it) yes i will...ha!
by elbow October 27, 2003
Mike's been chasing the carrot all day, dude! How do we get him to stop?!
by bongo. October 30, 2003
What conservatives do to poke fun at the cute little liberals.
"Here hippie, chase the carrot!"
by Ogdenumptee3 October 28, 2003