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Any kind of general, non-descript physical matter. Often refers to small bits of food around the kitchen, pollen or moss in an outdoor environment, or miscellaneous items left in the trunk of a car. Applicable to a wide range of undesirable matter that typically cause a great deal of annoyance and frustration, as it must be cleaned up and/or dealt with promptly.
"Just give me a minute, I gotta sweep up all the charney in here before we leave."
"Oh man, look at all that charney in the water there! What's going on with the lake this year?"
"I was surprised by the sheer volume of charney I had to unload from the car last night."
by BTB343 October 19, 2013
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1. An name for any manner of extremely ugly person who may run track or have an big head
2. A person who is attracted to any type of what would be considered extremely unattractive.

Charneys are also called Charns, Charn Dawgs, Charnlets, and Cunits
Eeew, did you see The Charney run the 1600 meter? eww ew eww
by vincenzino September 20, 2006
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