the act of kicking out a bitch's knees so as to put her in a wheelchair so you can shave her head to make her look like charles xavier. Then standing on the wheels, you finish the job by bricking in her face.
Watching X-MEN 3 last nite, reminded me of giving Rogue the charles xavier at The Charles Xavier School for the gifted.
by Charles X August 12, 2007
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The act of achieving orgasam through pure mental stimulation using mentally controlled throbs and pulses without moving your body.
Laying next to my wife in bed not wanting to wake her. I’ll went full “Charles Xavier” on my dick and nutted without hands.
by WEAPONxDEADPOOL September 10, 2022
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Getting so drunk you can no longer feel your legs and getting so high you gain powers of telepathy
Charlie: Hey. What did you do this weekend?
Kyle: I got Charles Xaviered.
Charlie: No way.
Kyle: Yea bro. I had to be carried to the car and the whole way home I knew exactly what everyone was thinking.
by Creesela November 14, 2018
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