changbin is a member from the group stray kids
his stage name in 3racha is spearb
he's a rapper, producer and a lyricist
he's cute and funny
excessive use of puns
"changbin is sexy"
by changbingay June 6, 2020
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"ne sonnim
eoseo oshibshio
i gageneun cham menyuga goreugido shwibjyo
mwol shikyeodo ogameul manjokhaji haji
jinagadeon nageune, bidulgiggaji
kkachikkaji kkamagwideulggaji"

"damn changbin spittin facts tho"
by yunacore August 27, 2020
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the sweetest person alive
also named spearb
he's a part of the jyp 9 mem(e)ber boygroup Stray Kids
"I luv dak" (and felix)
"omg have you sEeN they're trailer pictures oOf"
"Yes omg changbin looks sooo gooood."
by skz entusiast July 13, 2018
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a member of stray kids, known as a "dark rapper" that raps with a raspy voice, but is actually a fluffy cinnamon roll that likes to do aegyo (da da da). "I love darkeu." can rap as fast as the speed of light.

a really rich but humble guy, owns gucci slippers, once wore a black prada outfit worth over $5000 and flexed his $200 umbrella in STMT. has a luxurious floor that looks like it could be in a hotel lobby and a chandelier in his house (can't relate).

bc he's a rich guy, he doesn't have to do any kitchen-related stuff such as cooking in the stray kids dorm, and not only he is a prince, he is also stray kids' professional dishwasher.
-YOHHHHHHHHHHHH (yohhhhhhhhh is stray kids' and stays' inside joke bc changbin always says yohhhhhhhh in stray kids' songs)
by jisung of the han han February 25, 2021
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The best 4th gen kpop rapper/producer/Vocalist of skz and 3racha who has the ability to go from "dark rapper Changbin" to "baby Changbin" real quick
by finding_leeno May 3, 2021
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Changbin is a member of the overly talented boy group stray kids. He can rap, dance, produce and sing. He has one of the best visuals you will ever see in your life. Changbin is very sweet and caring as well.. He may have a dark rapper image for the public but he can also be the embodiment of rainbows and sparkles.
"Oh my god, is that the guy who killed ten million people?!!"

"No! That's Changbin from stray kids, he's one of the best people you'll ever meet!"
by Han ji sung a song May 19, 2021
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Il ragazzo che mi fa sentire più felice che mai, quello a cui dono la mia esistenza inutile.
Changbin è la mia vita
by YangbinSeo April 19, 2020
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