a rap god. likes to think he's emo but is actually a baby. an icon.
a member of South Korean boy group Stray Kids (under JYP).

also known as SpearB in predebut group 3racha.
Friend: why is your house burning down?
Me: i watched a video of seo changbin's rap in matryoshka
by 00mz September 26, 2018
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Someone :Hey why are you so sad?

Me: because men aren’t Seo Changbin
by @TheeGyalChald October 3, 2021
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A skinny legend, mainly known for his aegyo. Likes to go overboard with spitting fire. An Icon. Sounds like nicki minaj sometimes.

Also known as SpearB, binsual and binniebinniechangbinnie.

Currently in a relationship with Lee Felix, said to have an affair with Hwang Hyunjin.
In an ambulance:

Doctor: So what exactly happened?

Mother: She listened to Seo Changbins rap.
by jhnk127 November 1, 2018
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The love of my life. A member of sub-group 3racha. Thinks he's emo, but actually is a huge softie. Husband material!!
Mr. "I love dark" SEO CHANGBIN, but is actually cuddly and soft.
by 서창빈🖤 February 20, 2022
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stray kids (and korea's) main rapper.
an emo outside a softie inside but outside too.
seo changbin, being a total dork: binnie binnie changbin 입니다
by ilove_dark January 30, 2018
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