A Champ Champ is an individual who has held multiple championships in a sports league at the same time.
“Conor McGregor won the 155 belt! Doesn’t he already have the 145 belt?”
“Yeah dude, he’s the Champ Champ now!”

Becky Lynch beat Ronda Rousey for the Raw Women’s Belt at Wrestlemania!”
“Wow, she was already the Smackdown Women’s Champ! Now The Man is a real Champ Champ!”
by Kahnny April 8, 2019
In rainbow six siege, when a player is very good, he is known as a diamond champ champ. He may also be doing the champ dance.
Johnny: hey man look at that guy doing the champ dance
Jack: HES a diamond champ champ
by McLuey July 28, 2020
There are essentially two meanings to doing the Champ (or Champing), as commonly understood in private professional services firms (bankers, consultants, lawyers, engineers, etc.).

1) To pump your chest, back your shoulders, lift your chin and look straight ahead with the confidence of a 10 even though you are a 7.5. Generally used by finance and law bros in bars/clubs to try to seduce their female counterparts. Best paired with a Patagucci, deal sleds and an invitation to dad's closed-circle retreat in Montauk. Works once in a while.

2) To argue as though one is absolutely right when being completely wrong and backed by no supporting evidence.
1) Dude! I was in the restroom at 1 0ak and when I got out of the toilet cabin, I looked at myself in the mirror, winked, I Champed myself up and walked out. That superb blonde saw me with my Champ on right when I got out of the restroom and the deal was closed! We skipped the closing dinner and went straight to dessert!

2) The person Champing: "Dude! Have you seen these fake news about climate change? The reason why there are less and less glaciers on earth is because they fall off the earth when they arrive at the end and then float in space! Other glaciers will show up from within our beautiful flat earth in due course!"
The other person: "Fuck buddy, you're doing the Champ (or Champing) again!"
by FinanceMan April 16, 2019
Champ The Champ, a person so masculine and gorgeous he could blind you. As He Champs the Champ And wears pampers to solo all of his enemies, and solos any memeverse and Anime to exist. Stay mad if you don't believe it.

His rival, Damp The Damp also solos.
Champ The Champ, He solos your favorite verse, by the way stay mad!
by ChampTheChamp September 1, 2021