No Chainz, derived from the one and only Two Chainz, literally means this type of person has no chains. He is a free flying eagle that needs to be set free among the other ratchets on the weekend. You may find a No Chainz in his natural habitat, twerking on a wall somewhere in Mankato or Wisconsin. TWERKIN' ALL OVER DA WORLD. Don't even bother asking him what time it is, the answer is always 'Shots o'clock'. Caution: You do NOT want to be in the cross fire between a No Chainz and a bottle of vodka. Survival is rare. It is an honor to party with a No Chainz, take advantage whenever possible.
"Dude, did you go out last night?"
"Hell yeah I got so ratchet! I saw No Chainz at the frat twerking it UP!"

"I saw No Chainz too! We took shots and twerked with Miley all night!"
by Megan Nasty November 17, 2013
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Truth stemming from the deepest and most valuable aspects of one's self (their chainz). Often used as an interjection whenever someone says some deep shit.
Steve: Black Ops 2 was pretty good, but AC3 has got to be better with its amazing multiplayer.

Jeff: Tru chainz.
by swami123 April 9, 2013
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Truth stemming from the deepest and most valuable aspects of one's self (their chainz)
Paul: Hey Ryan, I think that movie we saw was definitely worth recommending it to our friends.

Ryan: True chainz man.
by Truechainer6565 December 24, 2012
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Some crappy rapper from Georgia, trying to make it big - by riding Drake and Lil Wayne nutz.
2pac without a nose ring - STFU... 2 Chainz
by DuronGGH August 20, 2012
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Part of the modern Kamasutra, the 2chainz is a sex position where the male sits back, legs open and the female sits directly on his lap(between his legs) and moves and rides him any which way she pleases as the male sits back and enjoys the view, as one would do at a 2chainz show.
Michelle couldn't believe how much fun the sold out 2chainz show was and to show her appreciation to Jeff they did the 2 chainz all night long
by JVICE February 24, 2014
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When something is so true that you drag out "trueeee" just like Two Chainz drags out "two".
Craig: "Hey did you hear my friend Aubrie is a slut."
Anna: "True Chainz"
by Heather MotherFucker Jones March 26, 2014
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